a novel craftsman specializing in fiction with a flair
for suspense & a touch of the supernatural

©2015 Mac Evenstar - Author - Come Six to SevenThe truth is that writing is one of the last creative endeavors that I chose. As a life-long musician that enjoyed any creative expression I had time for, it never crossed my mind to put my thoughts into any words other than lyrics.

But, sharing different thoughts online and telling stories to family and friends brought comments along the lines of, “Hey, why don’t you write some of this down?”

I’m a slow learner, but I kept hearing these suggestions. So, two years ago, I forced myself to sit and just…write. In one month, I had ninety pages of fiction. Fiction. Didn’t see that one coming. And I actually enjoyed it…a whole lot. Didn’t see that coming either.

Fast forward to 2015 and my debut novel, Come Six to Seven, is just hitting the shelves. It’s the story of a group of people whose lives crash together in a small town antique store after a peculiar relic is unearthed and brought to the shop.

Thanks for dropping by and being a part of the journey with me.

Mac resides in a valley of the Rocky Mountains in a sleepy little town with his wife, two dogs, four cats, & two rabbits.