Why I Write – an eciov selection

The good folks at Eciov welcomed me as a contributor to their fine establishment and asked that I write a bio.

Somehow it turned into an exploration of what writing is all about for me.

They were kind enough to publish it anyway.

eciov - Hide and Seek

Come Six to Seven – Review

Colorado suspense novel, Florence, Colorado, Mac Evenstar, Come Six to Seven

Thanks to ‪ReadingOtherPeople‬ for the thoughts on Come Six to Seven. Always an honor to be compared to the stellar Stephen King and hear how the book is connecting with readers.

Checked out the novel yet? Let me know your thoughts. I could still use reviews at all major eBook outlets to spread the word about our friends in Florence and their encounters with the “bizarre large wooden box” as this review puts it.

Read the full review here.

Thanks, friends.

Come Six to Seven – iBooks Release – Today

©2015 Mac Evenstar https://itun.es/us/Jd485.l

iBooks users that have been waiting, Come Six to Seven launched today! https://itun.es/us/Jd485.l

All my appreciation to ‪#‎EvenstarNation‬ for getting the word out as you have amazingly thus far. It’s a snowy Saturday, and many people out there don’t have anything to read just yet. You know what to do…


Come Six to Seven – Amazon Release – Today

Holy cow. Month after month after month of writing, revising, editing, packaging…the works. The day is FINALLY HERE.

AVAILABLE NOW at Amazon: http://amzn.com/B00TSVGZQ0

Evenstar Nation, do what you do, my friends. I need you now more than ever. Let’s get the world as excited as we are about this novel.

Be sure to drop me comments below as everyone checks it out.

(more eBook stores coming within the week)

COME SIX TO SEVEN – Cover Reveal & Ebook Giveaway

It’s finally time for the cover reveal from my upcoming novel COME SIX TO SEVEN. Release day is fast approaching. Click below to see the full cover and enter to win an eBook of the novel…

Mac Evenstar is giving away copies to winners of the cover reveal contest for Come Six to Seven



This is Social Media Land!

Wait. Sorry, you’re too late…

Welcome to Social Media Land! It’s the place where all your dreams come true! And you can be famous just like everyone else! As long as, well, you happened to get in with the early crowd that got famous first. But don’t worry, if you didn’t. We wrote lots of books and blogs on how to be just like us! Just do it like we did it all those years ago!

Ok I’ll stop. Sound familiar? If you’re a creative person like me, you’ve tried over and over to figure out how to get social media working for you. You don’t even need to “cash in.” Just getting a few hundred people interested in what you do and, forbid, even care enough about it to tell their friends would be amazing.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat…maybe you’re at the point where you’d like to punch the next person that suggests you sign up for yet another medium and try yet another strategy to strike it big in Social Media Land.

You’re not alone, my friend.

Here I sit, a novelist of several years, but yet to release my first book until later this year.

I know this novel is good. Really good. In fact, it might be the best thing I’ve ever created. It’s in the final stages of formatting and cover design. The book is just about ready for prime time. But how the heck do I get the word out about my little gem that the world needs to read?

I’ve been down the social media roads already as a musician, software developer, technology blogger, and charity volunteer, among other things. And to be honest with you, I almost vomit in my mouth when I hear yet another plan to break into the internet and hit the big time. Sorry, a little graphic, but all too true.

Continuing with the brutal honesty, I’d much rather do what I do best: write more books. I’m an introvert that recharges totally by myself. After all, what’s more introverted then spending months on your own, creating a world that no one will see until it’s finished? I’m practically a word hermit.

The thought of spending more hours of my life in the social realm just to get a few measly likes, nods, or whatever…my mouth tastes nasty yet again. Gross, dude.

But what’s the point of creation if not to share it? And if I don’t care enough to fight whatever battle I need to fight to find that audience, how can I expect anyone else to?

Yet we were born a little too late to ignore this crazy virtual place we live in. So…

Is there room in Social Media Land for me?

A few days ago, I desperately needed a spark – something, anything that would help me figure out how in the world to make a mark in the overpopulated, screamingly loud world that sits in front of our faces for too many hours each day.

The internet has helped, well not much at all. Suggestion after suggestion, most two decades old. Let’s be honest, nobody wants more noise in their already loud social media and internet life. So how do we find the people that actually care about what we do?

Most marketing books, tips, and ideas these days seems to focus on finding your target audience: that perfect age group, income level, and life situation that is hungry for your art.

But I’ve got a problem…I managed to create something that doesn’t fit into any of those boxes.

No really.

Out of all of my readers, my editor who does this for a living, and even a marketing consultant, nobody agrees on who my audience should be. Most of them even said they have no clue. Sorry, sir, you have no identified audience. There’s just too many people that I see reading this book.

I grew frustrated, even just flat out burnt out. Then, I realized what you probably saw a second ago. There’s just too many people that could be reading this book.

I can’t believe it took me so long. Every great weakness has another side…a rock-your-face-off strength.

Maybe – hair-brained idea here – art doesn’t always fit into pre-defined boxes. Maybe art can even find a way to bring all sorts of people together.

Maybe that’s why I fell in love with creating stories so many years ago.

My novel doesn’t need a target audience. You see, I wrote it that way…for any walk of life. I tell stories that don’t fit into a box because those are the real stories for me, the ones that give me the shivers and make me want to take that first breath in the morning –  the real, gritty, life stories everybody gets.

Back to this crazy place we’ve been talking about. Maybe that’s where I fit in Social Media Land – in the corner – that one waaaaaay back there. That small space with the group of people, be they small or massive, that resonate with my stories. And maybe that’s enough.

So hey there, audience.


Author ©2015, Mac EvenstarMac Evenstar is a novel craftsman specializing in fiction with a flair for suspense & a touch of the supernatural. To learn more, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…wait, is he really doing the same thing this blog was JUST making fun of? Jerk.



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Come Six to Seven – Scene from the Novel – Pier 39

Mac had a chance to visit a real place that inspired a scene from his upcoming debut novel, Come Six to Seven.

Check it out…


Author ©2015, Mac EvenstarMac Evenstar is a novel craftsman specializing in fiction with a flair for suspense & a touch of the supernatural. To learn more, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



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Things That Move Me – Jana Pochop, Deepest Fear

by Mac Evenstar – night, August 30, 2014

Last Friday night, under a tree with branches clad in small glowing bulbs, I had the chance to sit in an audience and hear a friend and her guitar bring a thing of beauty to our ears.

Jana Pochop, singer/songwriter extraordinaire shared a handful of different tunes with us. As I think back, my favorite moment of the performance was a song that I’d heard many times on her album that sits prominently on my phone’s music collection and is listened to frequently.

Stream the song from Youtube here: Deepest Fear – Jana Pochop

As her voice brought the song from my memory to life in the ears of the people around me on that warm August night, I closed my eyes and took it in. I felt the air around me and cherished the artistry that I heard. The beauty of this offering lay in the gritty, honest collision of poignant lyrics and Jana’s no-nonsense vocal and articulate strumming of her faithful acoustic companion.

Jana is a road-warrior of sorts, spending large amounts of each year touring not only with her own music, but also investing in other artists with her time and energy in many different roles, however she’s needed.

When listening to one of her songs, you’re not taking in the latest pop hit designed to catch your ear at all costs. Rather, her tunes are carefully procured artistic choices that you can hear have found their maturity through the sweat and blood of fighting to live her life wherever the music may take her. These, my friends, are songs that you’d better come prepared not only to enjoy, but also to see yourself in as you sing along. I don’t know how she does it, but you’ll be looking in a mirror as she coerces your foot into tapping on the floor.

When I write day after day, I’m in constant need of moments of inspiration, and hearing her voice while learning more about Jana’s story were enough to fill my artistic bottle for a little while longer.

More of Jana’s great work can be found at her website:
The EP “Throats Are Quarries”, home of “Deepest Fear” can be purchased here:
Jana Pochop on iTunes



Author ©2015, Mac EvenstarMac Evenstar is a novel craftsman specializing in fiction with a flair for suspense & a touch of the supernatural. To learn more, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.



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Life After 28? Over. (the plight of the American Idol generation)

by Mac Evenstar – evening, August 28, 2014

Creative Commons
I write to you today in the midst of a beautiful dusk that’s settling in over the Rocky Mountains. The day is fading away, and I have much for which to be grateful. Beyond all of the needs in my life that are met and the love that I’m privileged to soak in from those around me, there’s more. Much more. This week, I finished the first draft of the book that’s occupied most of my time for the past year.

I should be ecstatic, and I am. I’m beyond joyful to see the words come to my computer screen that will, by years end, be a finished work. The birthing process, in all of its pain, chaos, and beauty is well on its way. Woohoo!

But, there’s also an issue: I find myself at a ripe thirty-one years old.

As some of you read the number above, you snicker at my youth and the gobs of time I have left. Still, others might recommend that I consider choosing from the various casket types on the market to prepare for what is sure to happen before long. (If you’re wondering, sprinkle my dust over Black Canyon of the Gunnison, the Cliffs of Moher, and Mile High Stadium, for starters. You’re welcome, world.)

You see, lately, I’ve found myself fighting against a thought.

Life after 28? Over.

I don’t think this thought unique to me. It seems to be ingrained in my generation and even beyond.

The root of the problem? Many of us are no longer young enough for one important thing…American Idol tryouts. (Don’t laugh. It’s was my dream. Seriously.)

When I was a kid, I knew I would be a rockstar. It was only a matter of time. And there they were, waiting for me. City after city, the American Idol gods came down from on high to the lowly folk in order to separate the good from the bad. All the good, accurately found, then competed in a sonic battle royale where the greatest emerged.

That’s the ticket. But, don’t forget, you only have thirteen years to make your mark. You heard right. From fifteen to twenty-eight. Better hurry, kiddo. Two years before thirty and you’re donned a senior citizen and lose all rights to instant fame. The idea is simple, really. All the greats do it this way. Duh.

Work a little on your craft, find a competition, and the creative gods will crown you the next big star. (If you’re quick enough.)

Remember the good old days when it was just a fun TV show? Don’t look now, but, fourteen seasons later, even as the show’s popularity is dramatically waning, and the plague has spread to all facets of life. Everywhere we turn, we hear it…You’re nothing unless you are DISCOVERED.

What’s “being discovered,” you ask? Scientists are still researching, but it appears to be a mystical process that’s beyond human, but perhaps not some types of bacterial comprehension. We do know this much, though. They’ve managed to find that everyone who “wants it bad enough” will, one day, find herself irrevocably a part of it. The hungry shall survive. Do you want it bad enough? Oh, and shedding a few tears on TV about the hunger doesn’t hurt either.

I spent too much of my life “wanting it.” I wanted it more than anyone. Finding a way to make a living from creativity? Show me someone that wanted it more. After my thirty one years of attempting to find the secret way to get on the path to discovery, I’m calling it out for what it is…

Horse Manure.

Utter fecal matter. It’s a lie. I don’t know about you, but at fifteen, I was lucky to get out of the front door with out melting into an emotional ball of goo. At twenty-eight, I was just getting out that door. And, at thirty-one, I can make it on the doorstep, but I’m just now learning how to clean up the goo…at least some of it.

That first draft I just finished? Ninety-thousand words of pure sit-your-butt-in-the-chair-and-write-no-matter-how-tired-and/or-sick-you-may-be fury. I earned every bit of the creation of my first substantial literary work by caring about it when no one else did. And, I did it at an age far beyond what the producers over at Fox may have thought possible.

It was a rebirth, of sorts, when I finally said, “Discovered or not, today is the day I create something that moves me deeply.”

Now, to be fair, some of the most incredible creations the world has ever known came in the fifteen to twenty-eight age range. But, a whole lot of future-altering accomplishments came later:

Armand Fizeau found out light moves crazy fast at the age of 30.

Julia Child managed to first wander into a kitchen for extended periods of time at the age of 35.

Rudyard Kipling became the youngest to get a shiny trophy for scribblings from the Nobel folks at the age of 41.

Benjamin Franklin made a shocking discovery with a kite at the age of 46.

Ludwig Van Beethoven created what some consider the master of all symphonies at the age of 53.

George Sheehan, life-long running enthusiast ran his fastest Boston Marathon ever at the age of 61.

Enjoy the works of the young, by all means. But, if you’re like me, sometimes you hear that horrible, smelly, little voice pulling you at you, screeching out, “Your time is over.” Tell that little voice to shut it. (Yes, it’s a little smelly even though it’s only audible, I promise.)

You’re not alone. You’re surrounded by an infinite crowd of “senior citizens” (at least in the eye of popular culture) who have created far above what they ever could have at a young age. Don’t wait for someone to tell you you’re a star, create like one starting today.

I’ll be on the train with Julia and Luddy. We’ve got room for another, unless you’re fifteen to twenty-eight, that is.

(Kidding. But, really, I hear you have your own train. Send me some pictures when you get there, if you could. Don’t tell anyone I said that.)


Author ©2015, Mac EvenstarMac Evenstar is a novel craftsman specializing in fiction with a flair for suspense & a touch of the supernatural. To learn more, follow him on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.


Resources: http://www.museumofconceptualart.com/accomplished; http://www.businessinsider.com/100-amazing-accomplishments-achieved-at-every-age-2014-3#ixzz3BjVR5p7W

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