Come Six to Seven

a novel by Mac Evenstar The appearance of an antique box sets the stage for mystery and intrigue (as well as humor and romance) in a small Colorado town. But the box is no ordinary antique; it knows things about certain people in the town—and it’s going to reveal their secrets.

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When Robin David visits small-town Florence, Colorado, she knows she’s found just the right place to start a new business—tiny Florence has a brisk tourist trade due to its numerous antiques shops. One such shop is next door to Robin’s place, and she soon meets the owners, Allison and Stace, who operate “Sweet Old Stuff.”

Antiques aren’t the town’s only claim to fame. It’s also the location of Supermax, a maximum security prison and a boon to local employment. Brick Saunders is a guard at Supermax, and coincidentally, it’s through him that Sweet Old Stuff acquires its most intriguing item—a six-sided, two-foot-high antique wooden box.

But this is no ordinary antique. It somehow knows things about certain people in Florence—and it seems determined to reveal their secrets. What (or who) controls it? All Robin and her friends know for certain is that when the small sphere that rests on top of the box starts to glow—and then shows startling, confusing images—it leads to a series of events and life-changing revelations that no one in Florence ever could have imagined.

Come Six to Seven introduces a number of memorable characters whose lives intertwine—and all are somehow affected by the box. Author Mac Evenstar offers a well-crafted plot that is alternately heartwarming, funny, captivating, and suspenseful. It will keep you on the edge of your seat, and perhaps best of all, you won’t want to stop reading until you’ve read the final word.